Earth - couplets, haiku and a pleiade

I wonder why the clouds are grey
With not a sight of raindrop all day

Rivers no longer rush with thrill to sea
Amidst sluggish crawl to break free

From all the hazards from the towns
From way up high, down to the ground

Is it time for mother earth to retreat
Abandon all of us to our own beat

Shall we be like moths to the flame
When no one is left to take the blame

As she rises in all her fury and might
And we will be defeated in this fight.

For Magpietales


mother earth sighs with apprehension as she tries to break free,
no more

For Poets United


Earth - beauty, unrivaled
Ever faithful sunrise
Each moment, like crystal
Evermore as we part
Evening, a hallowed treat
Expansive starry night
Earth - beauty, unrivaled

For Dversepoets

three poems by ninotaziz


I haven't been writing for a while. But I miss poetry so much. And what better muse, than mother earth, herself?

Of rhyme and no reason

Cat and The Fiddle
On Sandy Bay
Butterflies turn to angels
 And dreams drive into
the Tasman Sea

© ninotaziz


For dversepoets


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Dearest poets and friends!
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Tuesday, 30th September 2014
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Friday, 3rd October 2014 
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   Monday, 6th October 2014
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